Devices are things or systems with a specified function, such as mobile phones and other electronic communication devices.

National Cyber Security Centre platform guides Members Public

Use these guides to help you set up and manage your organization's work devices, or to get started with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setup.


For starters, what is a Primary Refresh Token? Members Public

Some would argue that authentication relies solely on user identity, but you are incorrect 🤥


Don't forget the supply chain Members Public

Did you remember to question your supply chain when purchasing devices?


Spotlight on Microsoft store integration with Intune Members Public

If you are curious to explore the new Microsoft Store for Windows, I have written a small article with the information we have right now.


Android and malware Members Public

Are the app protection policies on Android enough to keep us safe? And do we meet security standards like the ones set by NIST and CIS?


Read my notes from Microsoft's AMA, which focus on Autopilot. Members Public

Notes from the most recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Joe Lurie and Danny Guillory Jr. (Senior PM). Focus on cloud attach), and Juanita Baptiste (Autopilot PM) 📝


Microsoft 365 Defender with learning paths🔐 Members Public

Let's look at each Microsoft 365 Defender service in more detail.


My name is Windows. Can I get into the club? Members Public

Do you want to know how enrollment works with Windows in Azure and Intune? Then I made a new blog explaining high level about what happens in the “backend”💻🧑‍🦰