When a user logs in to a device, application, or service, one of the major functions of an identity platform is to verify or authenticate credentials.

Unlock the Benefits of Passwordless Authentication Members Public

As technology advances, there's no doubt that passwordless authentication is the way of the future.


What is Microsoft Passwordless? Members Public

A password-free environment is one in which the user is not able to see any password surfaces. When do you plan to begin?


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Allow me to assist you with the most recent #MicrosoftEntra news from #MSIgnite 2022


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Would you believe me if I told you that unnecessary MFA prompts actually result in a lower security level than intended?


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Let me show you how to implement the CIS Microsoft 365 Foundation Level 1. We will focus on Azure AD and how to implement the controls.


Examine the Sign-in logs Members Public

Azure AD Sign-in logs are our source of troubleshooting for any success or failed authentication to Azure AD.


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Some would argue that authentication relies solely on user identity, but you are incorrect 🤥


Basic Authentication is now the past in Exchange Online Members Public

The early chapter of disabling basic authentication Microsoft is disabling basic authentication for exchange online. It would be best if you took action before they did so for you.