Intune Wipe vs Fresh Start: Breaking It Down

Jonas Bøgvad
Jonas Bøgvad

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If you've ever found yourself navigating the landscape of device management tools, the "Intune Wipe vs Fresh Start" comparison might have crossed your mind. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of these functionalities and explore their pivotal roles in modern device management.

Always use 'Fresh Start' for a hybrid device and deploy it as an Azure/Entra AD/ID join device using Autopilot. Avoid leaving it in a hybrid state if you're planning to redeploy.

Intune Wipe: Swift Clean for Windows Devices

Intune Wipe is here to give your Windows device a quick yet effective cleanup. This action focuses on removing personal data and settings while leaving the core software (Windows) untouched. Intune Wipe is especially valuable for:

  • Preparing a device for a new user.
  • Clearing data from a misplaced or stolen device.
  • Securely managing devices used for both work and personal tasks (BYOD).
Image from the Intune portal

Fresh Start: Comprehensive Device Refresh

Fresh Start, on the other hand, goes beyond surface-level cleaning. It involves updating the device to the latest version of Windows, eliminating unnecessary apps, and safeguarding essential files. This feature shines when:

  • Ensuring uniform device setups across the company.
  • Resolving persistent device issues.
  • Giving your device a fresh start without deleting key data.
Image from the Intune portal

Why Choose One Over the Other?

Benefits of Intune Wipe:

  • Quick and straightforward execution.
  • Ideal for seamless device handovers between users.
  • Supports the nuanced management of BYOD devices.

Benefits of Fresh Start:

  • Thorough cleanup and software update.
  • Elimination of bloatware (unwanted pre-installed apps).
  • Preservation of critical user data alongside a genuine fresh start.

Intune Wipe vs Fresh Start: Which to Choose

The choice between Intune Wipe and Fresh Start hinges on your Windows device's unique needs. Intune Wipe offers a rapid cleanup, while Fresh Start provides a more comprehensive overhaul. Both tools, integral to Microsoft's Intune, ensure your devices remain optimized and secure.

Next time you contemplate optimizing or managing your Windows devices, keep the distinctions and advantages of Intune Wipe and Fresh Start in mind. This knowledge will empower you to maintain your devices in top condition, always.