Cyber security is a collection of strategies, technologies, and procedures designed to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks, and data against cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.

For starters, what is Passkeys? Members Public

Explore how passkeys replace passwords for enhanced security and simpler logins, featuring Entra ID.


Use case: Phishing resistant MFA of a privileged role Members Public

Protecting privilege roles with Microsoft Entra Identity Governance. We explore Authentication Context, Authentication Strength, and more to secure important areas.


Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE): The Silent Security Hero Members Public

Discover the intricacies of Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE), the silent hero in token security. Learn how CAE enhances real-time evaluation, the importance of claim challenges, and its integration into the modern security framework.


The Mysterious Life of PRT: The Beginning Members Public

In this series, we'll journey into the world of Primary Refresh Tokens (PRT), exploring their role in modern authentication protocols across multiple platforms.

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Primary Refresh Token on iOS Devices Members Public

I recently wrote a blog post about the complex operations of PRT on iOS devices. 📱✨If you're an IT professional looking to expand your knowledge, this one is for you. Join me as I delve deeper into the in triguing world of Azure AD and PRT. 🔐🚀

😊Identity🔐Security🐲Primary Refresh Token

Modern Auth and Legacy Auth Members Public

Secure authentication protocols that protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access are crucial in today's world of evolving cybersecurity threats. With so many authentication methods, it can be hard to choose. This blog post compares modern and legacy authentication protocols.


Require passwordless sign-in Members Public

We can use technology to protect our data and reduce the need for passwords; let's see what happens when passwordless sign-in is required.


Unlock the Benefits of Passwordless Authentication Members Public

As technology advances, there's no doubt that passwordless authentication is the way of the future.