MitID compared to Microsoft Passwordless sign-in.

Jonas Bøgvad
Jonas Bøgvad

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Last year, Microsoft announced the rollout of passwordless sign-in to Microsoft personal accounts worldwide. If you didn't know, all danish Officiel authentication is being done by NemID and will be replaced by MitID over the next couple of months.

Link to the announcement can be found here in multiple newspapers

Where am I going with this?

Since user adoption is one of the most important topics with password-less, Now its time to put the passwordless agenda on our top priority. It will mean our users in Denmark will get used to never actually using their password when approving sign-in or a task. The sign-in flow is with an approved slide on their Mobile Phone.

Please watch each video below and tell if you don't see any similarities.

MitID (with the password-less concept in mind)

The video below will show the sign-in with MitID

  1. The user inserts their username (on the web page - web page could have been open on their Windows device)
  2. User opens their phone sign-in with biometric OR Pin (app lock) and approves the sign-in
  3. The user is now logged in

Microsoft password-less sign-in

Open the link below in a new tab.

First, you will see a lot more options than an app. Microsoft is supporting password-less across their entire ecosystem. Password-less sign-in with FIDO2 key, Windows Hello for Business, and Authenticator App

Possible scenarios

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Are you inspired?

I hope this short article gave you some inspiration for your next project, primarily if you are located in Denmark. If you need any help or have any questions, please make a comment.

This shows a funny little video by Jimmy Fallon and password-less sign-in ;)

All the best, Jonas


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