Spotlight on Microsoft store integration with Intune Members Public

If you are curious to explore the new Microsoft Store for Windows, I have written a small article with the information we have right now.


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I have taken a look at Windows security baselines with Intune.


Returning to work after a vacation 🌴 Members Public

I've made a list of three important things you should check when you go back to work after a vacation.

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Read my notes from Microsoft's AMA, which focus on Autopilot. Members Public

Notes from the most recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Joe Lurie and Danny Guillory Jr. (Senior PM). Focus on cloud attach), and Juanita Baptiste (Autopilot PM) 📝


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Let me help you understand what Zero-Touch deployment with Intune is and how it can help your organization.


Shared Windows and M365 Apps Members Public

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